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5 apps to manage your shared flat

Rent, shopping, housework... Sometimes you just can't get along. The Colivers team has come up with 5 apps to help you manage your flat-sharing!

Managing your flat-share properly is no mean feat! Rent, shopping, cooking, housework… Sometimes it’s hard to get along. To avoid this, The Colivers team has come up with 5 killer apps to help you manage your flat-sharing without a hitch:

1 – Splitwise

Good accounts make good friends, right? Then Splitwise is going to be a big help. Designed for flatmates, this app lets you manage the joint budget while keeping track of everyone’s accounts quickly and easily. No arguments and no need to write everything down by hand – a great way to make sure everyone pays their fair share!

2 – Icuisto

Ideal for managing a large fridge and meal planning! Icuisto is a comprehensive tool that offers you over 4 million simple recipes for your parties, birthdays or any other shared event. As well as providing you with recipes, Icuisto lets you receive alerts when food products are about to expire, lets you know exactly what you need to buy again and generates a shopping list that indicates which products are unhealthy and which ones respect food intolerances. Brilliant, isn’t it?

3 –Trello

Trello is THE perfect platform for organising and sharing tasks fairly and collectively! No longer will anyone miss their turn to clean the bathroom. All the housemates can add, approve, assign and monitor the various tasks. As well as cleaning, you’ll also find it useful for organising your holidays, buying a gift together, doing a presentation together…

4 – Lydia

This is the benchmark application for good flatmates! Need to pay for croissants? A little extra shopping? Reimburse the petrol your flatmate gave you? Don’t worry, Lydia super-app for your money takes care of making transfers quickly and easily! All you have to do is add your flatmate’s number.

5 – White Noise

Sometimes your flat-share is a bit noisy, or you simply need some peace and quiet to study. To prevent the noise from getting the better of you, the White Noise app makes it easier to relax before going to sleep or to concentrate by providing ambient sounds of the environment.

So there you have it, all the apps you need to make your shared flat a success! Which one do you use the most?

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