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Discover our search criteria & the advantages of property development with Colivers. Benefit from exceptional real estate development!

Our search criteria

THE COLIVERS, the ideal tenant for your large flats!

For over 20 years, THE COLIVERS has been offering young mobile professionals a unique experience: easily finding and reserving ready-to-live-in shared accommodation or individual flats in France’s biggest cities. Already present in 6 major French cities, THE COLIVERS teams are actively looking for properties to rent.

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The advantages of THE COLIVERS

| Every month, on a fixed date, your rent and charges are paid, with no vacancy because The Colivers is a tenant.

| We finance renovations managed by our interior architects. We manage the work from A to Z within very short, controlled deadlines.

| We carry out maintenance and upkeep to meet The Colivers’ high quality standards.

| No management fees are charged to the manager or owner! The profitability of the property is significantly improved.

Recognised expertise since 2004

+ More than 16K customers

Presence in 6 towns in France

High customer satisfaction (4.8/5)

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Book your accommodation in 3 clicks!

From the visit to the booking to the signing of the contract, every step is done online at THE COLIVERS. We’ve thought of everything to make your life easier!

1.virtual visit
& available in real time

Virtual tours and photos of your individual or shared flat. Ready to book? Check the next available dates in real time!

2. Booking your accommodation

Whether it’s putting together your file, paying for the reservation or signing the rental contract… All these steps are simplified and carried out online, very easily, transparently and securely.

3. Onboarding
& digital checkin

Organise your check-in on your own or with our team. Are you arriving late or at the weekend? Don’t panic, we’re flexible and have several solutions available!